If You Read Nothing Else Today, Read This Report on World Records Set at Casinos

If You Read Nothing Else Today, Read This Report on World Records Set at Casinos

The farthest playing card throw was achieved by Rick Smith, Jr., which reached 65.96 metres (216ft, 4ins) way back in 2002. That throw also gave Smith, an American magician known for his work with playing cards, the world record for fastest card throw, the playing card hitting 92mph.

Smith set both world records on March 21, 2002 at the Convocation Centre in Cleveland, Ohio. He later set the standard for Most Accurate Playing Card Throw at 46 on April 22, 2014, and Highest Throw of a Playing Card,

The later world record still stands at Smith’s 21.41 metres (70ft 3ins), having been set on March 14, 2015, at the Great Lakes Science Centre in Cleveland.

Building on his achievements, the professional card thrower later put together a collection of instructional videos on card throwing and pitched it to five big-time investors on the primetime US television show, Shark Tank. He also made it to the Vegas Round of Season 5 of America’s Got Talent, but chose balloon-popping as his act, and failed to pop all the balloons. No quarter-finals for you Rick.

The world record for holding the largest fan of playing cards is currently held by Ralf Laue and was set in March of 1994. Laue held http://serwis-krosno.pl/2019/09/20/why-every-one-is-talking-about-what-type-of/ 326 cards in a fan formation, with the colour and value of each card visible.

Ralf Laue has beaten this record several times himself, thanks to his rivalry with fellow German George Stefandis, which ran from 1988 up to Weiterlesen →